DEFENSE FOR POLICY COHERENCE : What he did for me in Europe Thessaly Region Reconstitution of Karla Lake





What he did for me in Europe Thessaly Region

Reconstitution of the Karla Lake

The manufacture 13/12/2019 the Thessaly Region, Region Thessaly Regional Development Fund within the framework of actions for the political cohesion of the Center of European Information «Europe Direct» Thessaly, with the support of the Managing
OP. Thessaly and the Regional Directorate of Primary & Thessaly Secondary Education organized experiential visit high school students Larissa and Volos Lake Carla. The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Sport, youth, Employment and LLP Mr. Lioupas Nikolaos, who conveyed the greetings of the Region of Thessaly and spoke to attendees about major infrastructure projects and the work of Thessaly in general. Also during the tour talked with students and teachers on issues regarding the European orientation of Thessaly and issues its powers Antiperifereiarchi.

The visitors, 120 people in total, students and accompanying teachers, They had the opportunity to see and learn about the biggest environmental project in Balkans, implemented by the Region of Thessaly Lake Carla. A project of local development and national importance with multiple positive effects on the Lake area, Thessaly and broader development.

A guided tour of the premises of the Exhibition Center of Natural History and Culture Lake Karla and Montenegro (Museum Karla) in Channels. Then there was a presentation of history, culture and customs of the Karla Lake area, the technical work of rebuilding of the region of Thessaly and the biodiversity of Lake Karla and Montenegro by Mr.. Dr. Pantelis Sidiropoulos. Civil Engineer Project Management Body, Mr. Rods Biologist John and Mr.. Chutney Constantine expert guide. Finally, attendees moved to the point of Lake Karla they became orthithoparatirisi with telescopes and binoculars provided by the representatives of the special Lake operator Karla.

Finally, the Europe Direct Thessaly represented Ms. Fotini Katsiakou, member of the project team of the Center and Head of the Department of Administrative Services of the Regional Development Fund of Thessaly, which advised the students and teachers for the actions of the Center.


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