Finally end in smoke

On Tuesday 10 December the Region of Thessaly with EKPOL, in cooperation with the European Information Center - Europe Direct Thessaly and the Regional Development Fund of Thessaly, the Directorate of Secondary Education N.. Of Magnesia and the Center for the Prevention of Addiction and the Promotion of Psychosocial Health of Magnesia "Life Proposal" organized the anti-smoking event, at the Amphitheater of the 3rd Lyceum and 3rd Gymnasium of Volos. The event resonated with the students of the Secondary Education and gave the opportunity for reflection, update, Awareness of the harmful health effects of smoking. The issue was developed by the surgeon Mr.. Kokkalis Marios - Konstantinos, member of the Board of EKPOL, Ms. Gogou Zoi, psychologist scientific in charge of "Life Proposal" and member of the Board of Life Proposal – which he represented – and Mrs. Sotiropoulou Dimitra, "Life Proposal" prevention social worker

The event was prefaced by the president of EKPOL Mr.. Kitsios Georgios, thanked all those who helped make the event and especially the students who diligently attended the presentation of the topic by the experts. Also, stated that students will be informed about the issue of smoking in other schools in Magnesia.

The event was honored by the presence of the head of the Office of School Activities of the Secondary Education of Magnesia, Mrs. Kantaraki Sofia, representing the Secondary Education of Magnesia and of course the principals of the school units.. Tsoulkanakis Dimitrios and Mr.. Mandrakis Panagiotis. He also attended the event, the member of the Board of EKPOL Mrs. Karagianni Eleni.

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