European elections 2019: What does Europe do for me

What does Europe do for me
  • Soon, legible notes on how the EU has improved the lives of citizens.
  • Quick and simple navigation by region, profession, recreational activities.

An innovative new website that highlights the positive impact of the EU on every citizen separately presented today the EP President, Antonio Tajani.

According to the most recent Eurobarometer, published last month, the 68% of respondents agreed that their country has benefited from EU membership. However, there are few efforts have been made to the benefits of EU membership to be felt by ordinary citizens. In the period up to European elections of next May, he website it illustrates the extent to which the EU makes a difference.

The interactive, multilingual website 'What does Europe do for me ", which was created by the EC Research Service, exposes hundreds, easy to read, one page notes with examples of the positive difference that the EU is doing in people's lives. Users can easily find specific information about what Europe is doing for their area, their profession or their favorite hobby.

The president of EC, Antonio Tajani, ushering in this website today, stated: "Europeans ask what the EU has done for’ them and this new European Parliament site provides clear, answers in simple language. It will become a valuable tool in order to bring Europe closer to its citizens'.

About 1.800 notes one page available for reading, sharing or further use as web pages or PDF files. They are organized into two main categories on the website. In the first section under the heading 'In my place', users can choose the place where they and their families live or work. What is the presence of Europe in small and large cities and your sites; This section of the site covers over 1.400 sites in every part of the European Union.

The second section of the website under the title "In My Life", Each user chooses between 400 one notes page to find important information for him. How the EU eg. affects the family, healthcare, hobbies, the trips, the safety, consumer choice and social rights; How the EU supports citizens in their professional lives working in dozens of objects – by beekeepers to bus drivers and brewers; What has the EU done for those who enjoy leisure activities, such as sports, music or TV viewing; In this section, also available a series of audio files in multiple languages.

The notes provide a snapshot of EU action for citizens – based on interesting examples, with meta-links for more information – rather than trying to say everything nominally has the EU accomplished.

complemented, in a third section of the site, with more detailed factsheets on EU policies, which describe some of the achievements of the current parliamentary term, and outlook for the future, with particular emphasis on public opinion and the concerns and expectations of citizens for EU action.

This website has been created by the European Parliament Research Service («EPRS»), in collaboration with the Communication and Translation Services.

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