"Europe Day"




Tuesday 09 May 2017

33The Elementary School Trikala

"Europe Day"

Yesterday 9 May 2017 held in 33The Elementary School Trikala event for Europe Day which was organized by the School Director of Primary Education Apostle Spathis, in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Greece, the Thessaly Region, Region Thessaly Regional Development Fund and the Center Europe Direct Thessaly.

The purpose of the event was the students of the School to learn so experiential vision and EU History, the purpose for which the EU has created, the values ​​of which are governed and professes, the Member States benefits from their participation in the European Union and additional students, in the United Europe, feel solidarity, united and strong. Greeting at the event addressed the Headmaster Mr.. D. Liaros, Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Greece Mr. th A. Peroulakis, while the European Union spoke School Advisor, Ambassador to action Teachers4 Europe, Kth A. Swords And the Center Partner Europe Direct Thessaly Mr.. S.. Golden. The teacher Mr.a Katerina Brazitikou presented the program expression and creation «Teacher4Europe» and embedded in the action «Teachers4Europe» European events by the students of fifth and sixth grade of school. Msa A. Goulioti, Gymnast School, Europe presented dances and songs with the participation of students in large classes of School.

All students were satisfied with the event, actively expressed their enthusiasm, They enjoyed the whole event and applauded their peers. The event had the approval of the Regional Directorate of Thessaly Education.

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