"Diffusion Workshop European programs" 1st EPAL Karditsa




Friday 22 February 2019

"Diffusion Workshop European programs"

1The EPAL Karditsa

The Region of Thessaly, Region Thessaly Regional Development Fund and the Secondary Education Karditsa under the actions of the European Information Center - Europe Direct Thessaly organized Friday 22 February 2019, the event entitled 'Workshop diffusion of European programs ", in building 1th EPAL Karditsa, from the 10:00 am to 15:00 at noon.

The purpose of the workshop was to exchange good practices teachers of Karditsa under the "K? 1 actions- Teacher training "and" KA2 – Strategic alliances between schools' of ERASMUS +.

The event was coordinated by the Head of European Programs Secondary Education Karditsa Ms. Karagiannis Georgia and Ms. Cetin Helen and began with the presentation of the Center EUROPE DIRECT Thessaly by the member of the project team Ms. Giouroukos Life where last year the center's actions viewed as and planned actions in Karditsa and in the remaining districts of the Region for the year 2019.

Then presented the actions of these European programs :

  • "NES: Network of Entrepreneurial Schools '' and '' Dyspraxiatheca: European library for dyspraxic education’’ & ‘’T.I.E.R.E.F’’: Towards the inclusion of refugee students '' by the representative of Secondary Education Karditsa.
  • “Innovative teaching approach – the project method in vocational education '' by the Laboratory Center Karditsa.
  • “Analysing moral values in Films and acting out’’, ‘’Learn 4 Life : Active and responsible citizenship’’, '' Values ​​education in Action '' from 5o Gymnasium Karditsa.
  • "Bridging the gap '' from 1o Gymnasium Sofadon.
  • "Rightful perception of reality '' from 5o GEL Karditsa.
  • “Shifting knowledge from acquiring to using 21st century skills '' from 5o GEL Karditsa.
  • "Uniting the differences '' in Magoulas-L.T Gymnasium.
  • "Dynamic citizens of Europe '' from Magoulas-L.T Gymnasium.
  • “Innovative teaching & differentiation techniques for a school of equity’’. from the Music School of Karditsa.
  • “Coaching for refugees-asylum seekers, of migrants: interculturality, tolerance and diversity in the classrooms’’από το 7THE Gymnasium Karditsa.
  • "Innovation and mobile learning '' from Evening High School-L.T Karditsa.
  • “Tolerance- the key to European integration '' of 2o EPAL Karditsa.
  • "Creativity through stories '' from 2o EPA.L Karditsa
  • “T.R.E.E.S: Together to reach efficient and encouraging schools’’ από το 1THE GEL Karditsa.
  • "E-saved '' from GEL Proastio.


Finally there was a discussion on the usefulness and the positive results of the diffusion of European programs for students and teachers.



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