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Tuesday 07 November 2017

3The Lyceum of Trikala

"Monk concern my tongue in Homer beaches": The verse he Odysseus Elytis at school that bears his name in Trikala (3the Lyceum) fully reflected the "Network event for reform in Greece and Europe". in relation to the Greek language in Europe under the auspices of the Municipality of Trikala held essentially a linguistics class - etymology. The Emeritus Professor of Linguistics University of Athens and Head of the Dictionary of the Academy of Athens Mr.. Christopher Charalampakis, reporter Mr.. Vicky Flessa and Scientific Director of NETWORK (founded by Fr.. Minister. Anna Diamantopoulou) K. Evi Chatziandreou, designated frame carrying a useful event.

Teachers 3rd Lyceum Mr.. Maria Samara and Furness Rousiamani, the Theatropaidagogos Mr.. Antonella Widow, Mr.. Harris Kalliaras, Special Advisor to the Mayor of Trikala and the graduate school of International and European Studies of the University. Piraeus Lydia Vaiopoulou, together with 12 Students / behavior shows the B class of school, detected etymology and common language roots in the EU. Mainly, They dealt with the common Greek root words, with what Latin, are the pillars of values ​​and the EU's linguistic background.

Through a database created by Mr.. Charalampakis, documentation cited the etymological path each, and the correlation with the benefits that we as citizens because of European policies in the respective topic. Then these words "participated" in a quiz between 2 groups, whose members found the word and trying to find the linguistic evolution. The action was implemented within the project IDEA, aimed mainly inform young people about the benefits that the European Union's policies on everyday life of citizens. In the school auditorium, The pupils of A and B class had earlier heard the Deputy Mayor of Education Municipality of Trikala Mr.. Effie Leventis refer to the issues of common values ​​and common traditions in the EU. The director of secondary education Trikala Mr.. Vaso Kakleas stressed the importance of concrete action in a city with a high cognitive level, while the director of the school Mr. . Ev. Argyropoulos stressed the value of the event, wherein attended and t. Mr. Mayor of Trikala. Christos Lappas.

Outside the auditorium events the European Information Center Europe Direct Thessaly had placed information materials and informing students about the functioning and activities of the center.

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