In starvation conditions lives 8% of the EU population

The temporal burning issue of hunger raises the "European Citizens Initiative" before the European Commission.
Through known EU institution, which gives citizens the opportunity to propose concrete legislative changes to any field that the Commission has the power to propose legislation, officially registered the proposal, entitled "Stop malnutrition of 8% European population ".

The initiative organizers characterize "unacceptable" the fact that 46 million European citizens continue to "fail to buy a quality meal every second day", despite the fact that the EU has the second largest GDP worldwide.

The targets for the proposed initiative is "to push governments to urgently address the problem of hunger" and "to emphasize that the responsibility for eliminating the problem lies with the governments'.

The people in charge of the initiative have established a detailed list of actions for which invite the Commission to submit legislative proposals. These include actions such as the creation of a program to provide food vouchers and the reform of agricultural markets, and a new classification system for food waste with similar aims and processing rules.

in more detail:

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