In Europe, equality, all different- all equal





Wednesday 28 Of March 2018

"In Europe, equality, all different- all equal "

French Institute of Larissa



On Wednesday 28 March at the French Institute of Larissa took the action "In Europe, equality, all different – all equal ", 'Diversity, knowledge and feelings wealth ', the Thessaly Region and the Regional Development Fund of Thessaly, as part of the Center of European Information actions - Europe Direct Thessaly in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Educational Law. Larissa, τους «Teachers 4 Europe »and the non-profit company for Artfools culture, with the support of the French Institute of Larissa, on the occasion of the Day against Racism. The student works remained in Chatzigianneio Cultural Center for four days.


Attended by students coming from different cultural and social contexts, from the 1st Primary School of Tirnavos, Primary School Gonnon, 11th Primary School of Larissa, children from the Foundation "excellent" and the Refugee Structure in Koutsohera. There were also contacted creatively, through painting, writing and collage, highlighting the colorful tapestry of human capabilities, not limited to the physical ability or national differences, but the key feature of the philosophy and vision of a united Europe. Students had the opportunity to hear from Ms. Zoe Giouroukos member of the project team of the Center of European Information - Europe Direct Thessaly that the key feature of European philosophy and simultaneously vision of Europe is to highlight the colorful tapestry of human potential regardless of where origin or skin color. They are given to all, participation certificates and souvenirs - books, and the Report of the Project, which lasted 4 days, Students visited the area.

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