In Europe, equality, all different- all equal




Wednesday 28 Of March 2018

"In Europe, equality, all different- all equal "

French Institute of Larissa

The region of Thessaly and the Regional Development Fund of Thessaly, as part of the Center of European Information actions - Europe Direct Thessaly in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Educational Law. Larissa, τους «Teachers 4 Europe »and the International Film Festival of Larissa« Artfools », with the support of the French Institute of Larissa, on the occasion of the Day against Racism organized action entitled : "In Europe, equality, all different – all equal ", 'Diversity, knowledge and feelings wealth ', which will be held at the French Institute, with free admission, on Wednesday, 28 Of March, 10:00 am. – 12:00.


Specifically the action, schoolchildren A'thmias Vthmias Education and the Region of Thessaly, will meet students from special schools and students hosted the Refugee Accommodation Centers Thessaly, so that by means of artistic and painting, students coming from different cultural and social contexts, communicate creatively, To experience the power of synthesis of different skills, the need to involve all members of society, to create a complete picture and show off the colorful tapestry of human capabilities, not limited to the physical ability or national differences, but the key feature of European philosophy and also the vision of a united Europe. Children will use painting materials, such as pencils, crayons or markers, white paper, that the result of Europe on defending the equal rights of all members and their active participation in the common vision, while after, will give all, participation certificates and souvenirs - books and all drawings, They will be exhibited later, for the public of Larissa. (The action is not competitive character).

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