2National Conference cultural heritage digitization

01-03 December 2017
"2nd National Cultural Heritage Digitization Conference"

The manufacture 1 December 2017 and time 10.00 am. amphitheater ” I.
Kordatos ” University of Thessaly, declared solemn and
the presence of representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople , of
Greek and Cypriot Government and State , the Greek Church ,
many universities ,Region of Thessaly , the scientific community
and the Center Europe Direct Information Thessaly,
the opening of the 2nd National Conference Digitization of Cultural
Heritage-EuroMed 2017 (2nd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Cultural
Heritage-EuroMed 2017) . The 2018 It has been designated as the European Year
cultural heritage and aims to encourage more people
to discover and embrace the cultural heritage.
The opening of the Conference declared the official representative of His All Holiness. Ecumenical
Patriarch of Constantinople Messrs. Bartholomew the Panosiol. Archimandrite
Most Holy Archdiocese of Constantinople Mr.. Caesarius Chronis.
greetings made : The Digital Champion and Yen. Director of
Ministry of Commerce, industry , Cyprus Tourism and Energy Mr..
Stelios Winter, His Eminence Metropolitan of Demetrias. Ignatius, o Mr..
Dim. Nicolas as spokesman for Education Minister & Culture
Republic of Cyprus. K. kadi ,Mr.. Kyriakos Themistocles as Representative
the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus, the Deputy Head
Magnesia and Sporades Mr.. Dorothea Kolyndrini as spokesman
Prefect of Thessaly Mr.. K. buyer, the Associate. Rector University of Piraeus TT. K.
Dim. Cello and Vice Mr.. Athan. Sfougaris as spokesman
Rector University of Thessaly Mr.. C. Petrakou, hosted on
premises of the Court. Impressive is the fact of the great
responsiveness 484 specialized scientists involved in the work
the conference. The conference presented over one hundred scientific
work on various topics in the field of culture, tourism and
digitization. after evaluation of the Scientific Committee.
Specifically during the conference presented the latest
developments in key technology and intelligent systems, the
financial tools major research projects and transnational
partnerships, and were invited as Keynote Speakers Mr.. Haral. mane -Aigyptos,
Mr.. Peter Patias -Greece and Mrs. Anastasia Rousaki-Belgium, all
internationally recognized scientists who are pioneers in the great issue of
digitization and rescue of our cultural heritage. During the
conduct of the conference was the possibility of monitoring through
live broadcast (live) worldwide ,throughout the community ( live.uth.gr )
,while during the breaks were shown EOT video ,where
advertising the Greece , with the best way , worldwide. the indicative
Conference thematic reflection axes were :
• New technologies in the humanities
• The digitalization in Archeology and tourism
• Digital Cultural Heritage and management of
• Maintenance, Protection and enhancement of cultural heritage
digital multimedia environment and internet (Education, tourism, etc.)
• Legal and Digitization of Cultural Heritage (contracts,
programs, Copyright)
• Experiences, new challenges and perspectives for the digital society
Of cultural heritage.

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