"12 National Anthems of Europe"


The region of Thessaly and the Regional Development Fund of Thessaly, as part of the Center of European Information actions - «Europe Direct» Thessaly in collaboration with the French Institute of Larissa, the Urban non-profit company "Artfools", the network of "Teachers4Europe" Primary education n. Larissa and the Cultural Center of Teachers n. Larissa, offers digital material, Dvd disc, to children, 7 until 17 years old, on the occasion of Europe Day and due to the special conditions applicable to the coronavirus.

The action was scheduled to take place on Europe Day, but was postponed due to the pandemic, adapted and will be given for free, a Dvd with 12 national anthems, Member States of the European Union, to students of the Primary and Secondary Schools of the Region of Thessaly. The Dvd will be given to those who have children or grandchildren, from 22 December, from the Cultural Center of Teachers n. Larissa (e-mail: pokel.larisas. @gmail.com responsible for POKEL, Evdokia Poimenidou, Mobile. 6974578900). The digital disc contains 12 national anthems by states, Hellas, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Poland, is in orchestral form, while the lyrics of the hymns are shown at the same time, in the respective languages, to function as a learning tool.


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