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alternative tourism

Saturday & Sunday 10-11 December 2016

Marble – Pelion

With great success with hundreds of participants from all over Greece ,Work completed the two-day Conference on the Alternative Tourism, organized by the Region of Thessaly, Region Thessaly Regional Development Fund ,Office Europe Direct Information Thessaly ,the EE. Magnesia and Sporades , the Pelion Development Company, the 2 / Step Body Culture and Science Network "Perraivos" and Thessaly Voluntary Organisations Network , with the support and full cooperation of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels in Volos and Pelion, on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2016 (Ξενοδοχείο Volos Palace).


In this Congress , where ,lasted throughout’ Throughout Saturday (from the 10.00 am-21.00 pm. ) and its launch was announced by the Thessaly Region Mr.. Kostas Agorastos , invited and attended all interested or involved with the Alternative Tourism ,from Greece ,and all Thessaly (hoteliers , alternative tourism companies, carriers ,Associations, chambers, cooperatives, young entrepreneurs, museums etc.) and actively participated in it ,either by presenting their actions ,or participating in policy making for the next day , through their contributions to the Congress.
Also, greetings sent ,beyond Kostas Thessaly Prefect Agorastos, Messrs. : Dorothea Kolyndrini- Antiperifereiarchis EE. Magnesia and Sporades , Costas Leventis -Antiproedros Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Athan. children – Deputy Head of Culture, Tourism and Lifelong Learning Thessaly (who was rapporteur at the conference) , Georgina Christodoulou -G.G. of Pelion Development Company and Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Zagora – Mouresi ( who was rapporteur) ,Mrs. Marina Chrysoveloni-former Minister and Suburbs. Thessaly consultant, Mr.. Pant. Mastrogannis -Member of the CC of Renewing Left Network and Mr.. Dim. Diolettas -Antidimarchos Municipality of Skiathos. Greetings sent parliamentarians Messrs. Meikopoulos(Magnesia) and Chr. KELLY (Larissa)

This Conference was designed to highlight the particularly Thessaly and Magnesia and Pelion , as a favorite destination for Alternative and quality tourism, high standards , since there are all those possibilities for’ this, within ,nevertheless, specific policies.
major contributors ( university ,people tourism , Experts in promoting tourism products in the world market, institutional factors and experienced and knowledgeable representatives of Civil Society ) ,They presented the current trends of the world market in the dynamic field of Alternative Tourism.
the most important was that the afternoon of the 1st day of the Conference ,excellent round tables organized counseling – Workshops , involving over 100 interested ,They were analyzed in depth by specialists in each field , issues concerning the creation of network operators and tourist packages (coordinator K.. Leventis-XEE) , finance business projects in tourism ( Moderator Pelion Development Company and Bank of Thessaly), social economy in tourism (Moderator journalist D.. Michaelides) and finally discussed the networking of mountaineering clubs of Thessaly (moderator K. Skriapas). .
It is worth noting that the participants had the opportunity to learn about alternative tourism companies, operating in Magnesia special STAND that had been set up especially for them and to experience the unique local products from women cooperatives and local producers, who offered their products to the participants. (“Hesperides” Vizitsa, “the Pomegranate”-Ag.Onoufrios,”CR PLUS” – Wormwood , winery “Patistis” – Argalasti etc.).19
Significant were the proposals that emerged from the conference ,such as creating cultural routes in the Council of Europe, diving parks ,development of many types of alternative tourism, accessibility for disabled, infrastructure , tourism experiences ,networking actors and creation of tourist packages , Branding Site, global destinations certifications, Leader ,ROP Thessaly, financing Tools, social economy, ,agritourism, gastronomy, cultural and religious tourism, aviation and tourism aeroperiigiseis, mountain activities and the Sea ,good practices ,thematic museums, etc., while meetings and networking will continue in the near future with targeted meetings and cooperation between the entities participating in the Conference
Also, within the celebration of the World Day Mountain ( Sunday 11 December. 2016) ,organized within the Congress ,mountain activities ,in cooperation with alternative tourism companies and other collective Bodies , so that individuals can experience the magic of “Mountain of Centaurs”.

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