"1 in 5" campaign in Thessaly against child sexual abuse.




"1 in 5" campaign in Thessaly against child sexual abuse.


The manufacture 13/12/2019 through Sunday 15/12/2019 held in Matsopoulos Mill Trikala information event aimed at raising public awareness about the campaign and how to prevent, addressing and ending of child sexual abuse in the region of Thessaly and the Regional Thessaly Development Fund under the organization of events of the Center of European Information "Europe Direct" Thessaly in collaboration with MP Thessaloniki and coordinator of the campaign "ONE in FIVE" Ms. Elena Rapti.

The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Sport, youth, Employment and LLP Mr. Lioupas Nikolaos, who conveyed greetings of the Region of Thessaly and expressed support for Thessaly in child abuse prevention activities, particularly in the campaign "ONE in FIVE".

Moreover during the three-day action in the area of ​​Mill Matsopoulos distributed to visitors by Ms. Elena Rapti and partners of the dvd «The Secret of Victory 2- The adventure of Victor "prevention against child sexual abuse.

Finally, the Europe Direct Thessaly represented Ms. Fotini Katsiakou, member of the project team of the Center and Head of the Department of Administrative Services of the Regional Development Fund of Thessaly.

This action is part of cooperation agreements signed by the Region of Thessaly Costas Agorastos and Thessaloniki MP Elena Rapti to end child sexual abuse promoted by the Council of Europe in Greece.

The following link you can find statements on the subject Lioupa:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 2irc-hKi3RQ



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