1,2,3…. Europeteens: Students of 2nd Lyceum Farsalon celebrate Europe Day




Tuesday 22 May 2018

«1,2,3…. Europeteens: Students of 2nd Lyceum Farsalon celebrate Europe Day "

A special event, open to the public of the city, They prepared and presented by students from the 2nd Lyceum Farsalon, of Schools- Ambassadors of the European Parliament, in the context of wider events to mark Europe Day. The event, which was held with the support of the European Information Center – Thessaly Europedirect, Region of Thessaly and the Regional Development Fund P.TH. in the Conference Hall of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Farsala, Tuesday in 22 May morning, aimed to inform and sensitize the student but generally the local community on issues related to the history of the European Union and the contemporary European challenges and prospects. Students informed the public about the history of the EU. and puzzled about the future of Europe, They presented the actions implemented throughout the course of the year in European programs, EPAS, eTwinning, Teachers4Europe και SaferInternet, They played music and sang for peace, solidarity and strength of young people to change the world. End, They invited their classmates and students of the 2nd Gymnasium Farsalon, who attended the event, play Euroexpert, a game for E.E. that they themselves had prepared. The event ended with the awarding of titles Pupil - Ambassadors of the European Parliament for the year 2016 – 2017, participation certificates sto Jean Monnet IncludU program University of Piraeus and praise for participation in the Contest Saferinternet, the Director of the 2nd Lyceum Farsalon, K. Karakontaki. Once more, European teenagers have managed to impress the audience, proving that a small public school of the region can make a difference, how young people can offer many, when the opportunities given and appropriate stimuli. The event was attended by the president of the School Committee Secondary Education of the Municipality of Farsala, k.Panagiotopoulou, external collaborator of the European Information Center – Thessaly Europedirect, k.Chrysomallos, representatives of the Parents Association & Guardians of the 2nd Gymnasium -Lykeiou Farsalon, teachers, parents and many students from both schools. The coordination of the event and the students' guidance teachers had the 2nd Lyceum Farsalon Joanna Vontsa, Helen Magaliou, Vicky Samarina and Zisoula Gkoutsioukosta. In the event the following students were active: Alexandris Dimitra, Andreopoulou Vaso, Kingdom Georgia, Dimakopoulos Kon / nos, ZIOZIA Helen, sorry EMH, Karasavva Maria, picks Orinanta, Katsiaouni Maria, Kotopouli Christianna, Kyriazopoulos Basil, Margaritopoulos Basilica, Matis Sotiris, Bourotsika Elena, Nikolopoulou Win, della Claus, Papageorgiou Vasilis, Syrgkani Antigone, Chalkiopoulou Nasia, Chronis Chryssanthi.

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